The Trp (pronounced The Trip) is a group made up of three artists deriving from various parts of the globe. Together the trio has roots in ten separate countries, which makes their name feel rather fitting. These international influences have resulted in The Trp’s refreshing take on R&B and hip-hop. “We're all mixed, which really influences our music,” The Trp explains. “We grew up listening to the wide range our families would play in the house from Fela Kuti to Portishead to Manu Chao.”

After making music together strictly for their own entertainment for some time, the trio finally realized they had some real chemistry together and started sharing notable releases like their flip of Frank Ocean’s “Nights” and their latest single “Lavender.”

Today, The Trp returns with a brand new single titled “Before You Know It” taken from their forthcoming EP. The single takes on a different perspective of relationships, detailing how taking someone for granted can result in the loss of something great. However, instead of this story being told by a heartbroken lover, The Trp focuses on knowing your worth and refusing to let others take advantage of you. As a result, "Before You Know It" comes off as a short farewell note to ungrateful exes.

Listen to “Before You Know It” below.

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