Anderson .Paak can always be guaranteed to put on a memorable performance on stage. Last night he did just that alongside Knxwledge as they performed "What More Can I Say" from their collaborative album Yes Lawd! as NxWorries. Instead of simply performing the song, Knxwledge and .Paak presented a full storyline to make their lyrics come to life for The Tonight Show audience.

For their performance, .Paak sings about his troubles as sits next to a frustrated lover. Things escalate when a second angry lover joins them on the couch. As he tries to sing his apologies, it quickly becomes apparent that .Paak has gone from having two lovers to none. Towards the end, Knxwledge smoothly swoops in to shares roses with the lovely ladies and takes them off .Paak's case—leaving him alone once again. 

Watch the dramatic performance in full above.