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Maggie Rogers has been rapidly impressing the masses with her lovely vocals since last summer. Before sharing her breakout single "Alaska" with the world, she played it for Pharrell and left him nearly speechless during a MasterClass with students at New York University. Last night she took this same breakout single to the The Tonight Show stage to make her television debut and win over the hearts of millions of viewers.

Rogers has a voice that demands attention as it dips between lower and higher, delicate tones. Though her vocals and the record that perfectly fuses dance and folk together is enough to win anyone over, Rogers completed her performance with some fancy footwork to make the stage her own. The newcomer is on a steady rise and can't help but win over just about everyone she performs for. The Tonight Show audience made that much clear as they gave her a standing ovation at the end of her performance.

Watch the performance above.

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