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“A lot of my music comes from focusing on my surroundings and trying to render them," London O'Connor explains via text shortly after the release of his gorgeous new video for "Nobody Hangs Out Anymore."

"I guess this song came from a period where I really didn’t feel connected to my surroundings at all," he continues. "This is still a problem for me, both as a child of America and a child of the internet I guess. Feeling connected to my surroundings. Idk what to do about it. I wrote/produced this song from the contents of my backpack in my friends living room while he was out for the day. By the time he came back that night it was pretty much done."

Beautifully constructing a visual home for the song's themes of isolation, O'Connor further fleshes out the unique yellow-hued world he's been carefully building around himself over the last couple years in the self-directed video. 

"It kind of wrote itself. It definitely did not direct itself though," O'Connor says of the opportunity to step out of his bedroom and work with a talented team that includes Ava Benjamin Shorr (DP), Sarah Favreau (Art Direction & Set Design) Chad Carlstone (Gaffer), Gary Groth (1st AC), Gregory Barnes & Jake Miller (Producers/"wizards").

"It was humbling that all of those talented people were willing to work to realize my vision of all things," O'Connor notes. " I'm very grateful to not just be making art alone out of a backpack anymore.”

Watch the video above and enter to win two tickets to see O'Connor in the flesh on February 22 in New York City below.

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