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Last October, London singer JONES released her highly-anticipated debut album New Skin. In the time since then, JONES has been working on crafting a new EP with acoustic versions of select tracks from her album. Before the Acoustic EP is released tomorrow via 37 Adventures, JONES shares a stripped down version of a forthcoming single.

JONES is gearing up to officially release “Whole” in the near future, however she's decided to share a simplistic, piano-led rendition of the single first—allowing her words to take center stage. Each new release from JONES feels as if she’s letting us read another personal entry from her diary. The 26-year-old has an exceptional ability to paint a vivid picture with her intimate storytelling. 

“‘Whole’ is about the realization that you have found something serious and really deep with another person,” JONES explains. “Knowing that you've been trying to fight it and have been making up excuses but you always come back to that connection.” The acoustic renditions of the songs on her new EP create an intimate connection between JONES and her audience that make each record even more heartfelt than before.

Listen to “Whole” below.

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