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College pals Joe Manzoli and Jon Nellen have come together to form Ginla and have recently signed to Terrible Records. The two have a unique music style that reflect their eclectic musical backgrounds. Blending confrontational high energy with dreamy soundscapes, their new single "Apophenia" is the pair's latest single and first off of their self-titled debut EP.

"Apophenia" was actually made while we were in different places. Joe made the instrumental and I sang the melody. It was one of the most organic collaborations on the EP. Joe proposed the title, "Apophenia", which is defined as the perception of connections and meaningfulness from things that are in fact unrelated. Funny, as both of us are constantly drawing connections and meaning from our surroundings - sonically and physically. We're learning this day-to-day, but you don't make the real connections until long after the fact - finding that the unassuming go hand in hand."

Listen to "Apophenia" below. 


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