San Francisco electronic artist Clayjay just released his debut EP ​GÜD this past October, featuring eight tracks all inspired by the natural world. Today he's back with new single "Mr. Sensei." The tracks features vocals from NYC singer Courtnie and continues to display the producer's ability to deliver fresh sounds in a time where many electronic tunes sound repetitive. 

Speaking on the track, Clayjay told us, 'There's this forest near my home in San Francisco called Mt. Davidson that I use for a lot of my inspiration. Almost all my art incorporates photos I've taken there and I visit at least once whenever I'm back home. When I wrote "Sensei" I tried to channel the mood of that forest into the music. The song always felt like a creepy, but romantic love story set in the heart of Mt. Davidson (maybe even my love for the mountain). I wanted listeners to be able to imagine this forest as they immerse themselves in the song."

Check out "Mr. Sensei" below.


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