Though only 18-years-old, AMA LOU isn't scared to make a statement with her music. We saw this with her political first single "TBC," which tackled how our media views activism. With her latest, she moves onto a more generational issue, giving voice to the transitional period of the old to new.

According to LOU, the song is a "mock play on the tension that is created from mixed ideals that lie in gap between multiple generations and what the younger generation’s ideas and developed normalities have to play against." 

This opposing dynamic isn't lost on the music itself. Her production is kicked up a notch, noticeably more aggressive and anthemic than previously displayed in her music. The track features dark moody drums providing the background for which LOU's soulful vocals float over.

AMA LOU will be part of Pigeons and Planes' London No Ceilings show on February 15, and LOU is ready for the world to hear the material she's been diligently working on. "I'm really excited to be playing live at last. I’ve been working on this stuff for a while and am excited to get it out there.”

Listen to "Said It Already" below and buy tickets for the No Ceilings show here.



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