We've all been stuck in situations we don't want to be in. Whether it's a boring office job or a destructive relationship, these situations can weigh you down and feel like a heavy shadow is following you around wherever you go.

Putting together the visuals for his striking "WithTheShit" single, Ta'East linked up with director Jerome D to tell the story of his personal experience with that feeling.

"The concept of the 'WithTheShit' visual is true to life, in a sense it's art imitating life," he says. "I was at a period in life when I was doing something that I didn't want to do and it was like a dark presence following me until I realized I needed to step into my purpose. When Jerome decided to come on board to shoot the visual, he understood the concept of the record and nailed it."

Watch the clip above and revisit Ta'East's debut EP Ok, I'm Ready below.