SOHN was ready to try new things.

Following the success of his gorgeous debut album Tremors in 2014, he made some big life change—getting married, having a child, and relocating from Austria to California. Along with this transition came a more confident approach to songwriting, as well.

"I made a conscious effort on this record to stand firmly behind every decision I made," SOHN tells Pigeons & Planes on the morning of the album's release. "It led me to a bolder direction I think. It wasn't so much a new found confidence when writing it, more just any lack of confidence I felt, I purposefully fought against."

"I wanted to surprise myself, really," he says.

Those surprises came in the form of songs he's admitted he never would have written before. Songs like the courageous album opener "Hard Liquor." Or "Conrad," a bold single with sparkly pop appeal that jumps out from the ethereal, reserved nature of much of his previous work.

Speaking on his favorite part of the whole creative process, he tells us magic happened when it came time to wrap these songs in a visual bow. "I think the artwork coming together really took this thing I'd created and pulled it all together," he says. "It was a total collaborative effort with a guy called Daniel Castrejon, who's in Mexico City, and the backwards-forwards notes and ideas were really inspiring. And I fucking love the result. It is a beautiful looking record."

Listen to Rennen on iTunes/Apple Music here and via Spotify below.