Sometimes as fans, we dream of crazy collaborations in our heads as a big "What if?" scenario. Other times, some bold fans take matters into their own hands and try their luck to reach out to artists in hopes of making their dream collaboration into a reality.

We see things like this all of the time—a random tweet along the lines of, "A collaboration between ___ and ___ would be incredible." Yesterday a tweet just like this, brought along some very exciting news. As one wishful fan tweeted, "The world needs an Anderson .Paak and Flying Lotus track. Maybe throw a little Captain Murphy on there for good measure," FlyLo actually responded saying: "It exists. Soon!"

As expected, this short response was followed with much excitement. Both FlyLo and .Paak have their own unique sounds that veer in different directions from each other but it's clear they are both inspired by some of the same funky influences. With that similarity as their foundation, there's no doubt that any collaboration from then would sound incredible. Since it already exist, hopefully we won't have to wait to long to hear it. 

Last night, .Paak joined in on the conversation replying, "They not ready!!!" But oh, how wrong he is. We all couldn't be more prepared to hear whatever magic these two have created together.