Deem Spencer is a 21-year-old artist from Jamaica, Queens. His latest video is for a song called "soap," produced by Hannibal King and featuring cello by Sylvie Grace. It was recorded in 2016, but he wrote the song back in January of 2015, when he was still 19 years old. 

"It was a year and a half after I'd graduated high school and I realized that after graduation I hadn't kept in touch with anybody that I thought I would have," Deem tells us. "A lot of my tastes, choice of activities, actions, and attitudes were influenced or altered by these people. As a kid some of the shit you get into changes your path and may stay with you your whole life. There's a lot of dumb ass things I did to impress people or to fit in and in the video I'm beating myself up over it. The title comes from the metaphor at the end: "The greatest soap does nothing for a popped bubble."

Deem is currently producing his next project with his friend Spenser, and he's headlining a show at Muchmore's in Brooklyn on January 20th. Check out "soap" below.


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