"It's 2017 no break just new vibes ASAP!!" tweeted Swizz Beatz last night upon sharing Alicia Keys' new Kaytranada-produced track, "Sweet F'n Love." Featuring Kaytranada's signature sound, "Sweet F'in Love" isn't taken from a forthcoming project of any kind, but it does compliment Keys' 2016 album Here quite well. Keys echoed her husband's sentiments on Twitter upon linking to the song, saying, "2017 fun vibes."

Kaytranada and Alicia Keys definitely make for a great pairing, even if "Sweet F'in Love" might just be a throwaway of sorts. Here's hoping this isn't the last we hear of these two together, because it'd be great to hear something a little more fleshed out from the pair. Kaytranada's production is always fantastic, though, so there's no complaints here. It seems likely that Kaytranada and Alicia Keys will be keeping busy this year, though, at least judging from how successful both of their years were in 2016. It is worth noting, however, that the production here is from an older Kaytranada release from 2013, with the original called "Hot Jazzy Belle."

Kaytranada just recently shared two remixes last week with his flips of TLC and Latrelle, while Keys is fresh off her album Here, which only arrived November 4 last year. It seems they're both looking to make 2017 just as prolific, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see something more substantial in the near future.

Listen to "Sweet F'in Love" below.