The Madden franchise is one of the world's most successful video franchises. It's sales numbers are staggering, and as such, they have the money for primetime commercial spots. Madden '17 was released in August, but the impending NFL playoffs prompted a new spot, and an excellent choice for our ongoing What's That Song? series. 

The commercial:

Von Miller, Todd Gurley, Rob Gronkowski, and other NFL elites stare deep into your soul at the start of the "Start Your Winning Season" commercial. Their baleful stares are intercut with digitized highlights—leaping touchdowns, hysterical spikes, and some questionable dance moves fill the screen, energizing the fan base for what will inevitably another $uccessful installment for Madden.

The song:

"Wild Horses" is an interesting pick for Madden. It's a great song, but it's been out for a year, and Bishop isn't a household name quite yet. There's something about this song, though—it's a unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements, with a massive, horn-heavy hook contrasted by the sleek, smoky verses. The song was featured in an Acura commercial last year, and we premiered the video back in march.

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