Troop wants to make music that's free from all pretenses we assign to Atlanta. He has an impressively diverse tool belt of skills, able to swing between soul, pop, and raw rap with ease. The Mississippi-born artist can utilize pop elements in songs like “The Other,” while singles like his most recent “Riddle Me That,” have calming, intimate production to emphasize a completely different musical spectrum.

"I think since dropping 'Riddle Me That,' people labeled me as a singer," Troop told us, "and don't know that I can actually spit. Trust I got bars but that'll be made clear with the release of my project." That upcoming release sounds like it'll be a big one—Troop has been working with some unnamed Frank Ocean collaborators and P&P favorites like Pell.

We got some words from Morehouse grad while he works on some new projects down in the gold mine of music that is the city of Atlanta. 

First off, you were born in Mississippi, right ? How did moving from there to Georgia influence your music, if at all ?

It didn't influence the music directly. If anything it changed the people and environment where I created music. That had a huge effect. I also started working with my in house producer Professor X which took my sound to a whole new level. By being in Atlanta, I was able to meet and engage with some of my idols in the music industry. 

What is people's biggest misconception about you ?

People think I'm hella cocky. I mean I'm confident don't get me wrong. But I try not to come off as too cocky. I don't know why lol maybe it's in my eyes or something. Also, I think since dropping "Riddle Me That," people labeled me as a singer and don't know that I can actually spit. Trust I got bars but that'll be made clear with the release of my project. 

You were influenced by several different sounds from growing up in ministry and your own experiments in music over time. Do you ever feel like people are trying to find a genre to box you into ?

People will always try to put you in a place that they are familiar with. It's my job to tear the box down every time and make them rethink who I really am and what sounds they are hearing. 

What inspired you the most when working on your single "Riddle Me Dat" ?

Life, Sex, & Drugs, but not specifically the use of them personally. 

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I have a song coming up with one of my good friends, actually he's more like a brother, Pell and my Atlanta bro Ayomari. I've been in and out of the studio with Far East Movement, Dumbfoundead, NoCando and a few others. Also have things in the works with someone who had a hand in Frank Ocean’s last album but that's all I can say on that. Stay tuned.

How has the vibe changed for your 2017 music coming soon compared to your past projects ?

Bolder, I want you to get high when you listen to my music. Not like smoke and listen but when you hear the music it gets you high. Like Audio dope. 

What makes you happiest right now ?

Movies and melodies. I went to school for acting so I'm big into film. I love a good series I'm currently watching Westworld and Black Mirror both have writers who have to be on the hardest drugs to come up with stuff. It's next level. I love a good melody as well, like a dope major or minor chord progression can change your entire mood. 

Image via Troop


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