Things not going as planned is pretty much par for the course at most hip-hop shows. From the performer forgetting a lyric to a fan's misguided attempt at crashing the stage, whatever happens is very much a part of the experience. Very rarely, though, do these antics ever involve the venue's security, whose presence are not often felt.

During Travis Scott's performance at Houston's Day For Night Festival last night, the Houston native handed one of his fans the mic, presumably to have the fan rap along. It's something that Scott does fairly frequently at his shows—certainly nothing out of the ordinary. But when a security guard intervenes and grabs the mic from the fan, that's when things went awry. Taking the mic back from the security guard, Travis Scott makes it known that mics are not to be handled in such a manner.

"I will smack the fuck out of you, n***a, don't ever fucking take the motherfucking mic out of my fucking fan, man," Scott yells, with autotune still on, asking for the security guard to be removed. "No security touches a Travis Scott fan, bro. It's not how we rockin', bro."

Needless to say, Travis Scott's fans were appreciative of his sentiments, and with three more shows to go before the end of the year, security guards far and wide now understand not to do what this one Houston security guard did. Watch the clip of the incident below.

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