At the start of summer, newcomer Teflon Sega provided a proper introduction to his sound with his single "Sinner"—a bass-heavy track that worked to amplify his haunting vocals. In the past six months, the track has helped piqued the interest of new listeners and now he's finally ready to share his latest single.

For his new single, "Beretta Lake," Teflon Sega calls on Brooklyn artist SAINt JHN for some assistance on this mesmerizing track. "I've known SAINt JHN for a minute and he's in a really special place creatively right now," Teflon explains. "He helped drive the topic home in his verse, so I consider his presence on the song more than just a typical feature."

Taking a long drive alone during the wee hours of the night can be a lonely feeling, but many times these drives bring much needed clarity into our lives. Teflon explains "Beretta Lake" is a song about staring at the end. "The feeling of a lonely highway through the endless dark into the night." As the lyrics intertwine with the spellbinding production, "Beretta Lake" finds the power to transform a simple late night drive alone into something more—if you let it.

Listen to "Beretta Lake" below.