UK rap crew Section Boyz have been on a steady climb within the last year. As they prepare for bigger things in the new year, they return this week with a video for their new single "In My Section" featuring Chip—bragging that this new come up has brought a lot more lovely ladies their way. While the majority of Section Boyz tracks usually sound like posse cuts with a rough tone, the crew softens the tone just enough to deliver a single that has the ability to reach a more diverse audience.

For their newest single, each member of Section Boyz takes turns delivering their verses. To break things up, Chip does his part by singing a catchy hook rather than delivering a short verse of his own. The melodic chorus from Chip adds a necessary ounce of R&B to the track that works to match the tone of the rather mellow production. As a result, "In My Section" has the ability to get stuck in listeners' heads and make them want to play it over and over again.

Watch the video above.