Towards the beginning of summer, we were introduced to Virginia-based singer OPAL. She first caught our attention with her spell-binding single “FRANCE”—a low-key track that felt both soulful and otherworldly.  

As she prepares to release her debut EP in early 2017, OPAL returns today with a brand new single that takes the vibe of her previous single a step further. On her latest release “Space Pilot,” OPAL flies further into the eccentric lane she’s created for herself. The young singer explains to us that “Space Pilot” was inspired by her journey to self-acceptance. “Just like space is a place where many people desire to go but only very few have actually been to, the feeling of embracing your individuality is also a place where many people would love to get to, but don't have the means of doing so.”

The Fake Uzumi-produced track blends ambient music with elements of house and R&B that works to create a sound that feels simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. The bouncy rhythm layered under breathy vocals from OPAL result in a track that will have listeners feeling free to let loose.

OPAL further explains her latest single saying: "In space, gravity is so different that it almost feels as if you're not yourself, and it's almost instinctive to fight against the gravitational pull of being who we are, but if we fight against it, we'll get blown away. It's only after we accept the force that is always pulling us to be ourselves that we are able to fly into space, and it is an experience like no other. With 'Space Pilot' I want to guide as many people to that wonderful experience as possible, and all it takes is for people to put their trust in me."

Listen to "Space Pilot" below.


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