McKenzie Ellis impressed with her debut EP as Mothica last year, providing a welcoming introduction into her distinct world of gloom-pop with Mythic. While she's been relatively quiet in 2016 for the most part, the few tracks she's blessed her vocals with have been pretty special, proving why she's increasingly being sought after for features and the like. After previously collaborating with New York-based producer Icarus Moth for a remix earlier this year, Mothica and Icarus have joined forces again for "Reputation."

Speaking over email, Mothica explained that "Reputation" has been sitting about for a while. She explained, "'Reputation’ started as a self-produced demo I wrote in October of 2015, where it collected dust in my huge catalogue of unfinished ideas." She added, "A month later, I was emailed by a producer coincidentally going by 'Icarus Moth'—whose music alias was only three letters away from my own. I sent him a playlist of songs I was looking to finish and 'Reputation' became the first one of more than six songs we’ve written since then. Nathan aka Icarus Moth, now plays keyboard in my live band with me and so it only felt right to release the first thing we’ve completed."

Speaking about the lyrics of the track, she elaborated further, saying, "Self-reflection is what naturally comes first when I write lyrics, because it’s the root of my anxieties and catharsis of creating art. The spin I took with writing 'Reputation' is finding self-acceptance in my mistakes because the negative opinion of others is often linear. We are our own worst critics, so the critique from an outsider can't hold as much depth as the pressure we put on ourselves."

Listen to the premiere of "Reputation" below.

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