Throughout the year, 18-year-old El Paso, Texas native Khalid has proved why he's one of the best new artists of 2016, in our opinion. The young artist has a soulful, memorable voice that is easy to recognize and his songwriting skill only elevates his talent by creating melodies and choruses that are catchy enough to sing along to. 

Khalid's latest effort comes in form of a collaboration between him and Brooklyn-based duo Brasstracks. On this year's Good Love EP, the duo showed off their own talents for melody and infectious instrumentation with the combination of a trumpet and the drums. Thanks to Yours Truly and Adidas Originals' Songs from Scratch series, we're now able to hear both Khalid and Brasstracks on a single together.

Their new collaboration "Whirlwind" has the feeling of an organic, impromptu jam session but much more polished and complete. The instrumentation provided by Brasstracks' members Ivan and Conor begin quite simplistically before gradually opening up into a broader sound to fit with the momentum of Khalid's vocals. This collaboration seems appropriately titled as its peak feels like a beautiful whirlwind.

Listen to "Whirlwind" below, and watch behind-the-scenes footage of how it came together.

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