A month removed from releasing his excellent American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story album in November, Kevin Abstract wrapped a bow around his huge year by throwing his own prom in Los Angeles this weekend. "The All-American Drive-In Prom" to be exact.

"Kevin wanted to have a prom for kids that never went to prom, like most of his fans," says Brian Kinnes, who helped turn the idea into reality. Kinnes tells P&P, "The event was a huge milestone for Kevin and all of Brockhampton. It was really crazy to see what’s been mostly online support thus far turn into like 400 kids showing up in real life.​"

The free show reached capacity well before it was scheduled to start, forcing fans at the end of long lines outside the venue to be turned away—but the scene inside may have been even more wild as Tyler, The Creator, Jaden Smith, The Neighbourhood, and Roy Mabie filed in backstage.

"The energy backstage was insane," says Ashlan Grey, who shot the recap video (seen above). "I don't think there's a better way to describe that moment to you than we probably all had to remind ourselves to breathe at one point or another." In the video, Nick Lenzini can be heard saying, "All of our idols are here right now and I'm about to have a panic attack. I almost threw up in the bathroom."

Describing the scene inside the venue, Grey says, "I think for a lot of people it kind of took them back to that time where they felt they could be carefree and just wild out. It also gave a lot of people the opportunity to experience something they felt like they might have missed out on, so I just tried to capture that by getting everybody having a good time." He adds, "That night is something I'll never forget."

Watch the full recap video above (shot by Grey and edited by Henock ​Sileshi and Kevin Abstract). Other highlights from the night can be seen below.

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