During one of his concerts last month, Kanye West told the crowd that if he had actually voted during this year's presidential election, he would have given his vote to Donald Trump. While these comments immediately shocked many of his fans—mainly because he had already given donations to Hillary Clinton's campaign—it seems Kanye meant what he said.

Just a few short weeks after being released from the hospital, Kanye has slowly but surely started to make public appearances again. The now-blonde rapper returned to New York City this week and was spotted walking into Trump Tower early this morning alongside his entourage. He was reportedly there to have a meeting with the President-elect, however it's not certain what the two discussed.

Donald Trump has been searching for someone to perform during his inauguration without much luck as of yet, so there is a chance that the duo's meeting could have involved a conversation about this. However, Kanye refused to answer any questions as to why he was meeting with Trump, or even if he'd really consider running for President in 2020 like he promised.

"We've been friends for a long time": Kanye West and President-elect Trump appear together at Trump Tower https://t.co/QoofBJzY1x pic.twitter.com/DK6z1P9LhG

— CNN (@CNN) December 13, 2016


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