It's no secret that Childish Gambino's newest album "Awaken, My Love!" draws heavily upon '70s funk for inspiration. He discussed his love for the genre in a recent interview with Billboard, explaining "there’s something about that ’70s black music that felt like they were trying to start a revolution.” Fans and critics alike noticed elements of P-Funk, a style of music that combines elements of funk and psychedelia, woven into the album. George Clinton, the legendary musician who helped create and popularize the style, recently expressed his appreciation for Gambino's work.

“I just heard it ["Awaken, My Love!"] one time and I like the songs,” he tells Hip-Hop DX. “I’m aware of his music and know he’s into P-Funk, so I know it’s going to be some good music. I haven’t had a chance to get all the way into it. When I did hear it, it sounded like a cross between P-Funk and Prince influence. I’m proud that he’s into the funk and glad him and others are bringing some new funk back.”

Clinton gave similar praise to Kendrick Lamar earlier in the year, describing the Compton rapper as “an old soul working in a futuristic way.” He appeared on Lamar's acclaimed 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly in 2015, lending his talents to the opening track. The 75 year old legend is hard at work collaborating with Flying Lotus on his upcoming project and shaping his upcoming Parliament album Medicaid Fraud Dog.

Revisit our interview with the P-Funk legend here.


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