For one reason or another, several couples have chosen Coldplay concerts as their proposal location of choice recently, but after a botched engagement at a show in Melbourne over the weekend, it appears frontman Chris Martin is still getting the hang of facilitating these things.

One of two proposals during the band's weekend stop in Melbourne, Martin stopped "A Sky Full of Stars" and said, "I’m a sucker for this sh*t, I can’t say no. Come up. Lets do it. Lets get married up in here.”

When a bewildered woman who Martin pulled on stage made it clear that she didn't know the man who was about to get down on one knee, Martin laughed, "Oh, you're not the person he's prosing to? Then what the f*** are you doing here?" before adding, "But thanks for coming anyway."

Watch clips of the fumbled engagement above and below—and maybe think twice before deciding to involve Martin and company in your wedding plans.

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