Many nights, I find myself casually pressing play on the first track of my SoundCloud feed and letting everything play through as mere background music to my evening. But every once in a while, there will be one song in particular that forces my brain to focus my attention back to the music and run over to my laptop to catch the name of the track that's playing. This is the sort of excitement that occurred last night when I stumbled upon Zikomo's remix of Childish Gambino's "Terrified."

It's been nearly three weeks since the release of Gambino's latest album "Awaken, My Love" and now feels like the most fitting time for new edits and remixes of the album's tracks to begin surfacing. One of the standout tracks, "Terrified" is already quite mesmerizing with its haunting, mid-tempo production, but Long Beach-based producer Zikomo flipped the track on its head with his own unique perspective.

The Soulection artist transformed a rather sultry track into a funky house record that will get bodies moving towards the dance floor. By speeding up the tempo, adding the right amount of bounce, and just a few glittery effects to top it all off, Zikomo creates an infectious remix that will make you want to tell all your friends about it (trust me, I already have!).

Listen to Zikomo's remix below, and the original beneath it.

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