Last night, Donald Glover, Microsoft, and creative collective Wolf + Rothstein hosted a Return to Pharos event in Venice, California. It was billed as a discussion of Gambino's concert event PHAROS, a phone-less immersion experience that took place at Joshua Tree this past summer. Evidence of the concert was lacking, due to the phonelessness, but that's about to change in January. 

At the event, attendees again had their phones locked for a discussion that included Glover, his management team, and representatives from Microsoft. They were informed a 360-degree video of the full PHAROS concert will be available in January. 

Glover also took some time to talk about the creative process behind "Awaken, My Love," detailing a house that him and his team call The Factory. It’s a space that hosted the writing staff for Atlanta by day. By night, music for "Awaken, My Love!" was recorded. He touched on how he wanted to create a communal space like that in order for people and ideas to flow and form more freely. 

Watch the newly-released video for "Me & Your Mama" here.

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