When Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" album dropped last week, the initial reactions included praise, confusion, disappointment, and excitement. The album was a sharp turn into left field—a funky, soulful, theatrical project full of sounds and styles foreign to Gambino's early rap-centric work. Based off the initial reactions, it seemed as if "Awaken, My Love!" was destined to be one of the most polarizing releases of 2016.

The reviews are still coming in, but we set up a poll to see how our readers were feeling this album, and the results—based on over 7,000 votes—are overwhelmingly positive. See how people rated "Awaken, My Love!"

  1. The most common rating was 8/10, with 29% of the vote.
  2. 66% of voters rated the album 8/10 or higher
  3. Only 12% rated it 5/10 or lower

Full results below:

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