It's no secret that President Obama is a fan of Chance The Rapper. He has invited the Chicago musician to the White House on numerous occasions, most recently for his final state dinner. Chance was one of guests who met with President Obama to discuss his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative back in April, and the President offered him some sage advice about releasing music. He also included Chance on his final summer playlist and name-dropped him when discussing his favorite rappers during a recent appearance on Sway In The Morning. 

"I think the young guys, Kendrick [Lamar] and Chance [the Rapper] are doing amazing work," he said during his interview. 

Today, he invited Chance to the White House once again to perform at his final tree lighting ceremony. Chance took to the stage to perform some of his biggest hits, including a soulful rendition of his song "Sunday Candy." Backed by a chorus and his band The Social Experiment, Chance slowed down his Surf single for a truly mesmerizing performance. During his set, Sasha Obama was seen rapping along happily as her mother smiled next to her. Later on in the evening, he sang along to "Jingle Bells" with the first family. 

Watch Chance's joyous performance of "Sunday Candy" below, and scroll down to see him sing "Jingle Bells" with the first family. 

Skip ahead to the 2:25:00​ mark to watch Chance and the first family sing "Jingle Bells."