Chance The Rapper sure loves to make lots of noises in his music, employing a number of signature ad-libs. Among the many "IGHs" and "NANANAs," Chance is pretty much hip-hop's premier ad-libber right now. That's why YouTube user Zach Ace has gone through the effort to make a video documenting Chance's favorite noises to make on his songs, showcasing every ad-lib from 10 Day and Acid Rap to 2016's Coloring Book.

The resulting video is pretty hilarious, albeit somewhat of full-on assault on the ears at points. If you're a big fan of the copious noises Chance brings to his music, then today is your lucky day. If, however, you've ever found some of Chance's more ad-lib packed moments annoying, then stay far away from this video. The video was inspired by BORT's similar video about Kanye West's favorite noises, which is equally as enjoyable, if considerably shorter. The video does not include any of Chance's many guest appearances on songs by other people, but if it did then it would probably be double, or even triple the length.

Watch the video above.

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