Every now and then, a story emerges on the internet involving Bill Murray in some way or another. The latest appearance of the elusive and impulsive acting legend has come in the form of an appearance at a Lupe Fiasco show at The Belmont in Austin, Texas. The now 66-year-old actor watched on from the side of the stage, attracting the attention of people in the audience for obvious reasons. What's even better about his appearance at the show, though, is that he helped encourage an encore.

Encouraging not just one, but two encores, Bill Murray clearly enjoyed his time at the show. "Y'all go home and take Bill Murray with you, so I can go home," Lupe jokingly told the audience. Of course, Murray was invited backstage after the show, with Lupe saying he gave some "amazing words of encouragement." Posting pictures of the encounter on both Twitter and Instagram, Lupe seemed thrilled to have such a guest at one of his shows.

Previously, Bill Murray has been spotted in the studio with Rick Ross, apparently having made a song together before Rick Ross vanished. Murray spoke about the incident on Jimmy Kimmel last year, and we're still waiting for the results of their song together.