Back in September, an excited Gucci Mane shared a Snapchat video in which he said, "I just did a record for OutKast."

Given the reemergence of André 3000 with a string of excellent guest features this year, there were already rumors of a new OutKast album in the works—and Gucci's comments only fueled the fire. Unfortunately, Big Boi clarified those comments in a new interview with Creative Loafing Tampa Bay.

Big Boi explained that the song will be for his upcoming solo project and not an OutKast album, saying, "Me and Gucci have a record. When he said 'OutKast' he was just saying that I’m part of the group, so he was excited because the song was jammin’ like a motherfucker. I do have Gucci on this album—most definitely.​"

While the collaboration should be an exciting follow-up to Big Boi and Gucci's "Shine Blockas" single on 2010's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, the news comes as a disappointment to those hoping for a an impending full OutKast album. Revisit their previous collaboration below.

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