Two and a half hours of unedited footage of Beyoncé Knowles at the age of 10 (during her time as the lead singer of the group Girls Time) is up for sale. UK auction house Ted Owen & Co.​ are accepting bids in a closed auction and expect the collection to be sold for an amount in the range of $1.9 million – $3.8 million.

"The collection, dating from 1992, consists of approximately two and half hours of footage depicting Beyoncé playing to camera in several locations, working out dance routines, rehearsing for a live performance in addition to performing at an artists showcase in San Francisco," the auction house says of the footage. "There is additional unedited footage of Beyoncé at the Record Plant recording studios in Sausalito California, working on dance routines for what was intended to be her first professionally recorded music video."

Ted Owen & Co. have shared a trailer that gives glimpses of the footage, but the winner of the auction will be given exclusive rights to the full collection. Watch the trailer above and head to the auction house's website for more information.

Beyoncé tapes
Image via Ted Owen & Co.


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