2016 isn’t over just yet, and the music is still coming thick and fast. With that in mind, we present our latest collection of the Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now. We have the man known as MF DOOM working his magic on the decks, MssingNo making a rousing reappearance, and DJ Zinc doing his thing in an energetic Essential Mix. Plus, enjoy the Quavo and Q-Tip retrospectives that have made the list.

Let’s get it.

King Geedorah: Snake Charmer Mix

The lyrical don known as DOOM, King Dumile, Metal Fingers, The Supervillain, Viktor Vaughn and Zev Love X, decided to sport his figurative scepter as selector in a super new mix for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel mix series. Exclusives and some outright jams from the masked villain feature. Consider us charmed.

Flamingosis: Upfront 089 for Boiler Room

Brooklyn-based producer Flamingosis brought the fire for his debut Boiler Room feature, and it’s filled with a load of productions from friends as well as the man himself.

“This mix is a collection of instrumentals I’ve been working on and holding on to for the last two years. It also features unreleased music from other producers such as The Kount, Brock Berrigan, Mtbrd, Harris Cole, Vesa and A Sol Mechanic. A lot of them are dear friends and I really believe in their work. I put this together after returning from a trip to Peru with my family. I was there for three weeks and not working on any music, so it was a refreshing process to comb through tracks and see what sounds drew me in. I had a great time making this and look forward to putting out a lot of new music in 2017.”

Elz The DJ: "Featuring Quavo" Mix

2016 has been quite a year for Quavo, and so it seems Elz the DJ decided to make the Migos figurehead the focus for his latest mix. However, the mix is made up solely of his features—no Migos tracks to be seen. Turns out Quavo has been a very busy boy this year.

Jimpong: 'Winter Warmers' Mix

With a seal of approval from close buds Disclosure, the British DJ known as Jimpong gave justification for getting rid of the mittens you just invested in by throwing together a Winter Warmers mix that fits the woeful weather nicely. Expect a mix full of feel-good vibes for the coming cold months.

MssingNo: M1 Personal Trainer

Maybe the shortest mix we’ve featured in a minute, MssingNo’s M1 Personal Trainer mix makes up for it’s brevity with powerful new productions from the elusive electronic producer. With his signature sound showing no sign of stagnation, let us pray for lots more of the same in 2017.

DieMantle: GutterFunk Mix for Rinse FM

For their latest show on London’s Rinse FM, brothers in bass DJ Die and Dismantle aka DieMantle took to the airwaves with twice your recommended daily allowance of subwoofery. Night vision goggles at the ready, because this one gets a bit dark.

DJ Zinc: Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1

It’s considered an honor for any DJ or producer when they’re asked to record an Essential Mix. More so for DJ Zinc, who is back for another effort.

“The ledge Pete Tong asked me to do another Essential Mix for the Radio 1 chaps – these are some of my favourite tracks at the minute, the kind of stuff I'm playing out and about in the clubs...and could you do me a favour please: if you think anyone you know might like this mix – would you share it with them? Big up your status.”

Thadeous B2B Daffy: Pear Drops Show on LVLZ Radio

Featuring a bucket load of bootlegs and bangers alike, patrons of the British bass imprint Pear Drops—Thadeous and Daffy—got up to their usual tricks with the result being a two-hour long proof that grime certainly ain’t dead.

Florian Keller: '29 DJ's play 2 each', recorded live at Funk Related's Birthday Bash

Too many chefs might ruin a broth, but it turns out that 29 DJs does the job nicely when you’re trying to host your own birthday party. Ask Florian Keller, who did exactly that to celebrate the 5th anniversary of his clubnight Funk Related. The following mix includes (two) contributions (each) from Martin Ganter, Jonathan Fischer, Thomas Bedall, Ernst Lanniger, Stefano Di Troia, Jay Scarlett, Eddy Strobl, Michi Mettke, Roland Lang, Michael Heinkel, Rod Skunk, Fabiozz ZZoibaf, Dompteur Mooner, Buson, Franji Utsumi, Reinhard Jellen, Bernd Hartwich, Jan Weissenfeldt, Henry Singer, Al Markovic, Sven Katmando, Michael Reinboth, Martin Ganter, Badly Carved Boy, Benjamin Roder, Theo Thonnessen, Stephan Volt, Tino Ludwig, Caroline Bree, Reinhard Eggersdorfer, and finally from the host himself, Florian Keller.

PlayJazzLoud: PJL Sessions #169 / The Q-Tip Sessions pt. 2

Q-Tip is one of the greatest to have ever done it, so no wonder he’s the focus of the following two-part mix series by our pals over at PlayJazzLoud, the latter of which was recently released. Hit play and peruse through samples, original productions, and other Tip-related snippets, plus check out part one too if you’re feeling what you’re hearing.