Before his unfortunate passing in early 2015, ASAP Yams was known for having one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts in hip-hop.

Outside of providing Yams a platform to share his encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop, his account also showed off a quick wit and ability to poke fun at himself—giving him opportunities to post goofy selfies with his mailman and recap conversations with his grandmother. A scroll through his timeline makes it clear he had one of the most charismatic personalities in rap.

The ASAP Mob have compiled a book of his most memorable moments in an effort to raise money and awareness for the ASAP Yams Foundation. All proceeds from the $45 book, titled ASAP Yams Gems, will go directly to the foundation, which is "dedicated to the purpose of greater drug abuse awareness and prevention, applying methods to minimize the impact of addiction within our communities."

"I wanted to immortalize Yams' words by making the internet real," the book's creator, Ajani Brathwaite explains to P&P. "We're in the age where even photo albums are becoming rare since everything is so digital. What happens when—not if, when—the internet shuts down? Where are your memories going to be when there's no Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Gone forever. With this book, Yams' memory will live on forever in the libraries of his fans."

After Brathwaite made a DIY version of the book on his own, ASAP got wind of the project and worked to revamp it into the professionally bound product that appears in their store today. Speaking on his favorite tweet in the book, he says, "It's easily the one where he was in rehab and witnessed someone trying to commit suicide and said 'oh, its fucking lit.' LONG LIVE YAMS!"

Brathwaite says the A$AP Foundation will be having a NYC pop-up shop in January for the ASAP Yams Gems book and will also be hosting a seminar soon with a professor from Columbia about the dangers of mixing drugs. 

See photos of the book above and below. Copies are available to purchase here.

ASAP Gems book cover
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ASAP Yams book inside
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