Chicago-based producer Glocque came through with an incredibly distinctive project last year, and we've kept our eyes on him ever since. Gloveless Brain Transplant showcased his ability to distort and compress sounds without ever making it sound shitty, resulting in a thick, damaged, and incredibly unique sound. Ever since then, he's been working with other vocalists to expand his horizons, notably appearing on Night Lovell's fantastic Red Teenage Melody.

It's evident from the way he produces that his sound should be attracting every rapper willing to make their next project pop, and thankfully Atlanta-bred rapper Yung Skrrt has taken notice. Skrrt, who recently moved from Atlanta to refine his output into something a little less based and a little more accessible, has found something of a match in Glocque's chunky sounds.

Skrrt, who also produces, knows how to navigate the textural soundscape of Glocque's immersive beat on "Uh Huh." Swerving atop the memorable production with a hypnotic hook, Skrrt has delivered his best song to date with "Uh Huh." Progressing from his more avant-garde earlier output, in which he frequently didn't even rap or sing real words, Skrrt has definitely come a long way.

Listen to the premiere of "Uh Huh" below.