Last year it became clear that Yung Lean was experimenting with a side project called Död Mark, pushing his punk-edge to its furthest extreme. Yung Lean has always found himself somewhere in between the hip-hop world and more avant-garde art, and with the Död Mark project he's indulging in his more experimental tendencies. He's been releasing music under the techno-punk alias for a while now, and now the debut Död Mark album has officially arrived.

For a while it wasn't exactly clear whether this was actually Lean since the band had yet to release any pictures of themselves, but they finally revealed their identity earlier this year on Facebook. The grainy picture shows Lean and Gud (formerly Yung Gud), sitting on the steps of a cabin, presumably where they recorded the considerably different project. Sitting at just 23 minutes long, Drabbad av sjukdom comes and goes in a flash.

Featuring a exploration of numerous different strains of punk music, Drabbad av sjukdom is the most adventurous project to come from Leandoer to date. He's been keeping incredibly busy with another side project, too, releasing music under his own namesake, Jonatan Leandoer. While those recordings are often more on the avant-garde and minimalistic side than the Död Mark project, they're often beautiful, too.

The Död Mark album might be a little bit too different for some of Yung Lean's fans, but it remains an interesting project regardless. Listen to the album in full below, and purchase it here.