The xx have shared a second mysterious snippet of new music on Spotify. Earlier this week, the British band placed an untitled song in their "In The Studio" playlist on the streaming service. The first snippet, less than a minute in length, features the band's signature ambient production and moody vocals that sound as though band member Romy Madley-Croft recorded them. Today, the short clip was replaced on the playlist by a new one.

Their new snippet is not dissimilar to the first, as it also clocks in at 55 seconds and features hazy, space-age production. The second snippet features distorted vocals that sound like member Oliver Sim, and ends with ten seconds of silence. Like the first clip, the second song has dashes in place of a title, artist credit, and album title. It is also copyrighted under Young Turks, The xx's record label.

Listen to the new snippet below, and keep an eye out for the band's next move.