British band The xx have released a mysterious new track on Spotify today by adding it to their public playlist of music they have been listening to in the studio. The untitled track clocks in at just under one minute and does not credit the collective as the artist. In place of a title and an artist credit are dashes, and the album art is simply a white square. Many are speculating that the short new song is the first taste of the band's upcoming third album, which has been in the works for roughly a year. The new album will be the group's first release since 2012's Coexist.

While The xx is not credited as the artist of the new song, their fingerprints are all over the track, and it is copyrighted to their label, Young Turks. The cryptic piece of music features ambient soundscapes, otherworldly reverb, and a short sample of female vocals that easily could have been recorded by band member Romy Madley-Croft.

Listen to the enigmatic new song below, and check out their upcoming tour dates under the track.


11-28 Zagreb, Croatia - Bocarski Dom
11-29 Prague, Czech Republic - Forum Karlin
11-30 Poznan, Poland - Hala Nr 2 MTP
12-01 Warsaw, Poland - Nowy Teatr
12-03 Vilnius, Lithuania - Compensa Arena
12-06 Tokyo, Japan - Toyosu PIT
03-23 Bogota, Colombia - Festival Estereo Picnic
03-24 Bogota, Colombia - Festival Estereo Picnic
03-25 Bogota, Colombia - Festival Estereo Picnic
03-25 Sao Paulo, Brazil - Lollapalooza
03-26 Sao Paulo, Brazil - Lollapalooza
03-31 San Isidro, Argentina - Lollapalooza
04-01 San Isidro, Argentina - Lollapalooza
04-01 Santiago, Chile - Lollapalooza
04-02 Santiago, Chile - Lollapalooza