Days after officially announcing their upcoming album I See YouThe xx have returned with an announcement of a forthcoming tour in an unorthodox but exciting fashion. Instead of simply, sending out a press release listing upcoming tour dates the band chose to let their fans make the big announcement for them. 

This week a few lucky fans were selected to receive free invitations for them and one friend to attend select dates on the upcoming tour. These fans shared their surprise invites on social media, seeming both shocked and confused by these lovely gifts of appreciation via the band. The xx already had several upcoming live performances planned, but the dates on these new invitations suggest that there is a full list of new tour dates to come. 

While most of the selected fans have no real answer as to why they were chosen, one lucky fan named Sarah, explained to us that there seems to be a connection with the online store. "I talked to another fan who also received a letter with tickets and we both bought tickets through their online store for "Night + Day Berlin" back in 2013, so that's probably how they got our address," says Sarah. "I think they picked random people for different dates in different countries."

View some of the tickets from the lucky fans below.