We love Dylan Brady, but NYC-based singer/producer Rhett Rowan may love him just a little bit more. Searching for inspiration to create her second song ever, she came across the St. Louis producer and developed a mini-obsession.

She told us, "I'd been searching for a producer because I was uninspired by what I was producing. A friend sent me some of Dylan's music, and it reminded me of stuff I listened to in middle school when I was a scene girl with a Sidekick—Breathe Carolina, The Medic Droid, Good Charlotte etc. I'm literally his #1 fan, like I trolled him super hard, I tweeted "pay attention to me!" and got all my friends to fav it so that he would listen to my music and maybe send me something to sing on. It fucking worked which is the most insane part, and I ended up writing one of my favorite songs thanks to him."

The trolling worked and after a couple of DMs, Rhett and Dylan came together to create "Mariah Carey Tattoo," an incredibly produced blend of emo and pop.

Check out the single below.