Back in early 2015, Virginia singer Reece stopped us in our tracks with his haunting vocal delivery on a stunning song called "Ghost." Since then, he's been relatively quiet, making a cross-country move to Los Angeles and releasing one follow-up in the summer of 2015: "Don't Go."

Now, preparing to release a new EP early next year, he returns with a new single he created with collaborators CasperXB and Big Drez called "Lost In Translation."

"At the time we were creating the song, I had just moved to Los Angeles," Reece tells P&P over email. "So it was an extremely emotional point in my life because I had just left my entire world back in Virginia. So I took that emotion and really put it into this song."

Like we heard on "Ghost," Reece lets his heartbreak and emotional turmoil seep through his vocals, delivering words in an intensely relatable, human way.

"This song is about those moments in life when you try to salvage a relationship that is quickly dissipating, but you just can't seem to get yourself together, no matter how hard you try," Reece explains. "I really wanted people to relate to this, because I feel like everyone has had moments in life where their ego or pride has gotten in the way of relationships, or they didn't appreciate something or someone before they lost them."

Listen to the song below and look for an EP in early 2017.

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