"We live in precarious times right now and less is certain now than ever before. A lot of people listen to a trap song or some hood shit and are really into the energy of it because it seems cool, but have no clue about the racial climate that people of color have to deal with growing up in those areas. It really is kill or be killed by either some random person that feels you looked at them the wrong way, or the cops themselves."

LA producer Promnite explained to us how although it may be fun to enjoy trap music and joke about the content of the songs, there are real life issues being described in these records that people face on a daily basis. With his new record "Gunsmoke" and the help of Florida stars Denzel Curry, Twelve'Len, J.K. The Reaper, and Nell and production help from Mr. Carmack, Promnite solidifies his point with a powerful track on the kill or be kill mentality in cities today.

The song originally began from field recordings from years ago and Denzel Curry describes it best when he stated, "this song hit close to home for all of us in some way. We've all either lost a loved one to the hands of the police, been locked up, or have friends & family that are still incarcerated."

The record has a ton of different flavors as Twelve'Len describes, “Being able to bend genres and bring divergent styles that haven’t been used in hip-hop puts me in a happy place. My choice of words are always so uplifting and intoxicating- the lesson is that what I feel is what makes me great. With genuine lyrics and a non-fabricated sound, I came up with the chorus/bridge...bringing the record to a full circle.”

Check out the incredible collaboration below. 


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