Pollàri is blowing up. After the success of his lil llàri world project earlier this year, the rapper, singer, and songwriter moved to Los Angeles and linked up with heavy hitters like Rick Rubin. He also connected with Taylor Gang producer Sledgren who produced "Anything," the first single from Pollàri 's debut album friendofafriend.

With a feature from Lil Yachty and production from Post Malone and Lex Luger, lil llàri world was generally marked down as a rap project, but Pollàri's melodic tendencies and pop ambitions were clear on tracks like "For You." On the sparkling "Anything," he heads further down that path, delivering what he describes as a futuristic pop and R&B sound.

"'Anything' is my first offering of the future, and the past," Pollàri explains. "Songs like 'Thriller,' 'Purple Rain,' and 'Computer Love' still get played these days over and over, classics, that will never go away. Today, we are bringing that back. With this record we are bringing a new timeless approach. This record, from it's bass, to my vocals are all from the future, and what I see as the future of pop and R&B—what I'm bringing to it. I was blessed with this voice, and I want to sing."

"This is me, singing, to the world," he continues. "Not just an upload, not some over hyped symphony that doesn't make sense, but real, soulful and progressive pop music. The record is produced by a friend of mine and super producer, Sledgren, who has credits with everyone from Wiz, to Curren$y and more. He found my stuff and reached out a few months ago. We've been making classics ever since back and forth. This records means the world to me, my camp, and we hope the world. Thank you, and welcome to the future."

Listen to "Anything" below, and look out for Pollàri's friendofafriend album.

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