With the release of A Tribe Called Quest's final studio album earlier this month, it seemed that we had heard the last from Phife Dawg, who unfortunately passed away during the recording of the album earlier this year. However, during the renaming of a street in Queens, NY, Phife's wife Desha Head Taylor said that her late husband managed to finish a solo album before his passing. 

OkayPlayer reports that during a press event before the renaming of the street, Taylor said, "His solo album will be out probably sometime during the first quarter of 2017. We're working on it now." She continued, saying, "He completed his entire solo album before he transitioned, so we're excited about releasing that." The forthcoming album, which is tentatively called Give Thanks, will be the follow-up to Phife's 2000 solo debut, Ventilation: Da LP

Taylor also spoke about Phife's experience recording We Got It From Here with his bandmates, saying, "There were times where he was working on the album where he would send me video footage of him rhyming over some of the beats that you would hear on the album." She continued, "He would make a certain face when hearing the beat, he would make this frown like 'I'm feeling this,' and you would hear his verses in the back. He was really excited about this project."

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