Fans of Kanye West received upsetting news earlier this week as it was reported that the rapper would be canceling the rest of the upcoming dates on his current Saint Pablo Tour. Shortly after, it became clear why the tour needed to brought to a halt as new reports followed informing the masses that West had been hospitalized.

Original reports from Monday evening said that West was brought into the hospital "for his own health and safety." In the few days since his hospitalization close friends and peers like Chance The Rapper, Twista, and Lupe Fiasco have offers their prayers and words of encouragement for West. According to Entertainment Tonightsources close to both West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, say he is "doing much better." The continued by explaining West's current state was  due to "a combination of a lot of issues: stress, anxiety, paranoia." Continuing saying that the overwhelmed star just "needed some rest."

As of right now, West is said to be recovering well with Kardashian by his side. But the outpouring of love from friends and supporters continues to come through. Twista recently penned a letter, extending a prayer for his friend. "No one is perfect," he said. "I pray that Kanye finds that one thing that money and fame can’t buy."

Lupe Fiasco also shared a few words during a recent performance explaining the difficulties one faces being in the spotlight. "In certain cases when you build that up cumulatively—over years millions of people, and in some cases, billions of people. To put yourself on like that, and to perform day in and day out," Lupe began. "And when you not performing, you thinking about performing. And when you not thinking about performing, you performing. When you not performing, you recovering from performing. When you not recovering from performing you gotta prepare yourself to perform again. That’s hard."

Listen to what Lupe had to say about West below, and read Twista's heartfelt letter here.