Song: Mos Def - "Ms. Fat Booty"
Cake: Brownstone front cake with milk chocolate icing

Yasiin Bey pka Mos Def's "Ms. Fat Booty" tells a classic tale of a man falling in lust with a heavy-bottomed woman, but ultimately finds himself catching feels and getting played. Very respectfully referring to his love interest as Ms. Fat Booty, it's a song that's as relatable as it is ridiculous.

I wasn't about to sculpt a well-endowed young woman with cake, so instead, I took one lyric from the song—"Ass so fat you could see it from the front"—and ran with it. The brownstone front cake is apparently a New York classic, and as Mos Def hails from Brooklyn, it seemed fitting. 

Ms Fat Booty 2 Cake
P&P Original