Maybe it's just me, but as an avid baker and hip-hop enthusiast, those two things just seem to go together well. I run a baking business on the side, and almost every cake has been made to some rap album; there's nothing like folding egg whites into sponge cake batter as ScHoolboy's blaring in your kitchen.

So, naturally, I wanted to bring the two together for P&P. But I didn't want to stop at rap lyrics on cake; Drake on Cake has already been doing that, and girl has been doing it damn well.

While brainstorming on how I could force this marriage between the two loves of my life, I had an epiphany: a common theme within rap actually is cake, even if it isn't the edible variety (well, maybe the edible variety—whatever floats your boat). And considering the abundance of songs about ass and its many fine qualities, it wasn't hard to find the best ones for adorning baked goods.  

A lot of thought was put into the cake themselves—their flavors, the variety, the colors—and were inspired by a specific lyric, the rapper behind the song, and/or the music video. 

Without further ado, I present unto you iconic rap lyrics about asses, delicately frosted onto cakes.

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