ASAP Mob is forever showing allegiance to their fallen brother ASAP Yams, keeping his legacy alive through concerts, commemorations in music videos, and consistent reminders of his contributions to hip-hop.

The new Cozy Tapes project is no different—it even features a baby photo of Yams on the cover. Before he passed, Yams and ASAP Mob were planning the group project and now, almost two years after his passing, it is finally out. We talked to ASAP Ferg to get some insight into the inspiration for the project and how everything came together despite Yams' passing.

Here's what Ferg said:

[Yams] had this thing called The Black Book where he wrote all his ideas, and his mother granted us the access to go through it and complete his vision.

I want to continue my brother’s legacy and continue to complete his vision that he started. It gives me meaning to life. If I don’t have the energy to do [something] for myself, I can do it for him. It wasn’t like we had to make time for it. Wherever we was at in the world, we all came together and did it. It wasn’t an option.

[ASAP Mob] helped build who I am and what I've become. There's no me without them.

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