Following the viral success of Keith Ape's "It G Ma," oddball Swedish rapper Yung Lean offers up his own version of the track, releasing "The Lost Verse" via 88 Rising. The original track, which has amassed over 30 million streams on YouTube, has been a global sensation since it dropped. Now that the leader of the Sadboys movement has lent his vocals to it, the song's momentum will surely keep going. 

The release of "The Lost Verse" comes shortly after the release of Lean's Warlord album and the conclusion of his accompanying world tour earlier this year. "The Lost Verse" matches the brooding, intense feel of the album cuts. It expands upon his new, more aggressive aesthetic, showing that he has evolved from the more colorful and mellow tracks that initially launched him into the limelight.

Listen to Yung Lean's abrasive new verse below.